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The future of fingerprinting – Naked Genetics 13.06.14

The future of fingerprinting

DNA (c) Mnolf

Our genes are our unique calling card, and DNA analysis has been used to solve crimes and resolve paternity disputes for decades. Now new genetic technology promises to revolutionise medicine. Plus, we meet the man who invented genetic fingerprinting, discuss Angelina Jolie’s breasts, and savour a cheesy gene of the month.

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In this edition of Naked Genetics

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  • Gambian woman and child (c) Nationa Institutes of Health

    25:03 – How is skin colour controlled by genes?


    I understand about dominant and recessive genes in such things as eye colour, but was wondering how it is that if a black and a white person have a child together it would be brown? Also, what causes ‘marbled’ skin colour that you see quite rarely on some people?


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