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Genes for sore eyes – Naked Genetics 14.08.14

Eye (c) Helga Birna J

From the beauty of a sunset or the ugliness of war, to the smile on a loved ones face, our eyes bring us all kinds of information about the world around us. Now researchers are working to develop new therapies for people who have lost this precious sense. Plus, smelling elephants, marmoset twins and an all-seeing gene of the month.

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  • different types of cone in red light (c) Dave Ansell

    01:03 – Seeing the Light

    To find out more about how organisms, including humans,
    detect light – through special cells called photoreceptors – We
    spoke to Rob Lucas

  • Maths_equations (c)

    10:09 – Maths and Reading

    In the news this month was a new study showing that gene
    variations linked to reading are also linked to maths.

  • Asian Elephant (c) NicolasGrandjean

    15:00 – Smelling Elephants

    Researchers have discovered that elephants are nature’s
    champion sniffers.

  • Marmoset (c) Rosendahl

    15:55 – Marmoset Genome Revealed

    An international research team has unveiled the complete
    genome sequence of the common marmoset.

  • Human eye cross-sectional view grayscale (c) NIH National Eye Institute

    17:09 – Restoring Sight

    At University College Londons Institute of Ophthalmology, Dr
    Rachael Pearson and her team are developing ways to restore
    sight to the blind

  • Mosquito species C. quinquefasciatus (c) Jim Gathany

    26:35 – Could we make all mosquitoes one sex?

    Kat:: Now its time for our question of the month. Listener Lorne Henry says, I heard a talk by someone who is specialising in trying to rid the world of the malaria mosquito or of the disease and I had an idea about it. If those mosquitoes could be made all the one sex – bingo!…

  • Pax6 eye (c) Ventus55

    28:38 – Gene of the Month – Pax6

    And finally its time for our gene of the month, and in keeping
    with our theme of vision its Pax6.

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