Targeting cancer genes – Naked Genetics 14.11.14

Small cell lung cancer (c) Nephron@wikimedia

Every year in the UK more than 330,000 people are diagnosed with cancer. The good news is that more and more are surviving, and there’s hope that the new generation of genetic research and targeted therapies will bring more cures in the future. But is cancer a cleverer enemy than we thought? Plus sealion genital cancers, and an over-excited gene of the month.

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  • Chemotherapy bottles (c)

    08:42 – Bill Sellers – Targeting cancer

    Genetic research is pointing towards combination treatments as the way forward for effectively curing cancer in the future.

  • BRAF inhibitor (c) Boghog2

    27:53 – Gene of the Month – BRAF

    Our gene of the month is BRAF. It may not have a funny name but it’s led to new targeted therapies for melanoma skin cancer.

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