Clever mice and drunken flies – Naked Genetics 15.01.14

Clever mice and drunken flies

Alcohol bottles (c) Kotivalo

How do we learn complex tasks like playing the piano? Why can we remember things better after a good night’s sleep? And why do people – and fruit flies – drink again after the hangover from hell? The answers are all in your genes. Plus, why large-scale searches for so-called “genes for schizophrenia” and other psychiatric diseases are turning out to be trickier than we thought, and a gene of the month with a touch of Scottish – or maybe Hollywood – spirit.

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  • Alcohol bottles (c) Kotivalo

    15:06 – Karla Kaun – Hungover flies

    Why do fruit flies forget how terrible their hangover was and head straight back to the pub? And why do we? Karla Kaun is after answers.

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