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A hundred thousand genomes – Naked Genetics 15.03.14

A hundred thousand genomes

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Over the past year the Government has unveiled an audacious programme under the banner of Genomics England, aiming to sequence the genomes of 100,000 people affected by cancer and rare genetic diseases. We take a look at some of the practical and ethical issues around the project. Plus, our gene of the month comes from the land of the forever young.

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  • Hessian Fly (c) PDH

    17:53 – Shoo fly, don’t bother wheat

    Scientists have sequenced the genome of the Hessian Fly, a major wheat pest, in order to try and reduce its impact on crops.

  • Tir nan Og (c) Ross

    28:24 – Gene of the Month – Nanog

    Our gene of the month is Nanog – named after the mythological Celtic land of the forever young.

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marissa elman blog exposed

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