The wonderful world of epigenetics – Naked Genetics 15.07.14

The wonderful world of epigenetics

Histones and DNA (c) Zephyris

Genes are the instructions that tell our cells what to do, but how do different types of cells know which genes to switch on or off at the right time? The solution lies in epigenetics – the molecular bells and whistles that act on top of our DNA to control gene activity. Plus, a new gene involved in severe obesity, and a mythical gene of the month.

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  • Histones and DNA chromatin model (c) Kat Arney

    01:05 – Robin Allshire -Spools and strings

    More people are starting to talk about epigenetics, but what’s it all about? To find out I spoke to Robin Allshire from Edinburgh University

  • Obese Mouse (c)

    08:43 – Alex Blakemore – New obesity gene

    Researchers at Imperial College have tracked down a new gene involved in severe obesity and type 2 diabetes. Alex Blakemore tells the story.

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