Career Boot Camp Students Gain Valuable Knowledge at Self Employment in the Arts Conference

Career Boot Camp Students Gain Valuable Knowledge at Self Employment in the Arts Conference

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Amanda Voltz, Chicago-based artist, tells COD Photography and Animation Student Syed Minh Hossain about successful social media marketing strategies at her Round Table session at the SEA Conference.

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Fashion Photographer Jacquelyn Nytes received a $2000 prize for her successful business pitch at the Idea Pitch Competition for Creatives at the SEA Conference last weekend.

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Career Boot Camp Students listen to Musician Tom Sharpe’s keynote presentation and solo performance of his symphony. Sharpe’s talk was about “Defining Your Artist Self”and how to overcome the “starving artist” stereotype.

The Next Revolution in Astronomy: Gravitational Waves

The Next Revolution in Astronomy: Gravitational Waves

February 2016 marks one of the biggest discoveries in cosmology and astronomy: the LIGO team annouced that they’d detected gravitational waves, 100 years after Albert Einstein predicted them. Scientists believe this could revolutionise how we study the universe. But what are these gravitational waves? How were they detected? And how is the discovery changing our understanding of cosmos? Graihagh Jackson finds out…

Career Boot Camp Photo & MPTV Students Visit John Merkle’s Commercial Photography Studio

Career Boot Camp Photo & MPTV Students Visit John Merkle’s Commercial Photography Studio


Photo 1821 and MPTV 1800 students enrolled in the Career Boot Camp class had the opportunity to visit John Merkle’s Commercial Photography Studio last Saturday, February 20th. There, they met with John Merkle (left) Larry Huene (center) and Fritz Geiger (right), all successful professionals who shared their knowledge and insights on the industry.


Fritz Geiger, owner of Fritz Still and Motion Imaging, encouraged students to consistently be shooting to develop their personal style, “The best camera is the one you have with you.”


C.O.D. student Julio Guerrero takes notes during the discussion as the three photographers gave advice to students about what it takes to be successful in the photo industry today.


C.O.D. student Uwe Gsedl had the opportunity to share his own work with John Merkle.


Larry Huene, owner of Larry Huene Photography, shares his portfolio of client work with C.O.D. student Auste Kuncas.


C.O.D. photography students Chris Beach and Jess Callahan get a closer look of Fritz Geiger’s photography.

All Photos by Lauren Laws

Crazy for CRISPR – Naked Genetics 16.02.14

Scissors (c) Unknown

It’s the hottest new biotechnology technique to hit the headlines since… well, since ever. CRISPR is a precision set of genome editing tools enabling scientists to cut and paste together DNA in any organism, exactly how they want – and the implications for human health, and even humanity, are huge. Plus, linking genetics to lifestyle, and our gene of the month is black and white… and very cute. This is the Naked Genetics podcast for February 2016 with me, Dr Kat Arney.

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In this edition of Naked Genetics

Full Transcript

  • DNA Helix (c)

    03:53 – Tony Perry – What is CRISPR?

    Tony Perry from the University of Bath told me more about the story of
    CRISPR, and some of its potential applications.

  • Male Giant Panda "Tai Shan" at the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C. (c) Fernando Revilla

    28:26 – Gene of the Month – Panda

    And finally it’s time for our Gene of the Month, and this time it’s the cute and cuddly Panda.

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Russian Lunar Rovers and Floating Number Twos

Russian Lunar Rovers and Floating Number Twos

Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham talk Mars rovers, Russian lunar rovers and floating number twos during this month’s podcast. Europe’s ExoMars mission scientist Nicholas Thomas reveals the role an alcoholic drink played in the naming of one of the Trace Gas Orbiter’s key science instruments (as well as what it does of course) while NASA scientist John Grant reveals how some Mars rovers just keep on going and that maybe ideas of canals on the Martian surface weren’t so far fetched after all. London science museum space curator Doug Millard also features discussing Luna 9 and, joining the Space Boffins in the studio, is best selling author Rowland White, whose latest book Into the Black covers the first space shuttle mission STS-1. All in all, another thrilling ride into the world of space.