Adventures in Satspotting

Adventures in Satspotting

What happens when we turn our astronomical instruments back to planet Earth? With the launch of over 12 satellites, Europe’s version of GPS, Galileo, will be operational very soon but why are space scientists getting all excited about it? This month on Naked Astronomy, Graihagh Jackson is all about the satellites

Designer genes – Naked Genetics 16.03.14

Jeans (c) Andy Mabbett

The recent invention of powerful precision tools for editing the human genome – known as CRISPR, has opened up new worlds of possibilities for researchers seeking to understand how our genes work – and also those who want to permanently change the human genome for generations to come. But are we on the road to designer babies? Plus, we unpack the latest cancer breakthrough, and our gene of the month is making a terrible racket. This is the Naked Genetics podcast for March 2016 with me, Dr Kat Arney, brought to you in association with The Genetics Society, online at

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  • CRISPR (c) David Goodsell

    01:16 – Nick Peel – CRISPR and cancer

    Nick Peel from Cancer Research UK explains how laboratory researchers
    are using CRISPR to delve into the secrets within our genome.

  • Mermaid (c) Public domain

    07:39 – Tony Perry – Engineering humans

    Could genome engineering technology eradicate human diseases such as
    cystic fibrosis? And because we can does that mean that we should?

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