Noble postcards to kids worry CPS parents about privacy, poaching – Chicago Sun-Times

Some outraged Chicago Public Schools parents of elementary school children want to know how the Noble Network of Charter Schools school got their kids’ names, current schools and home addresses to mail out recruitment postcards.

Not only do they worry their children’s privacy may have been breached. They also are concerned that the charter school is swooping in at an unstable time to poach kids away from CPS to keep its own attendance numbers up.

“There’s a potential strike,” said Coonley parent Jeff Jenkins, incensed that his 11-year-old son received a glossy mailer on Monday inviting him to enroll at a Noble school this fall. “Parents are frustrated and scared.”

In an email message to Coonley parents on Friday, school officials said the CPS inspector general was investigating the matter.

The arrival of the postcards, which may once have been viewed as junk mail, highlights a current reality in Chicago’s public schools, which were shown in a recent preliminary count to have lost 13,000 children since a year ago. The competition for remaining students in a district that puts a price tag on each one has become ferocious, as both the budgeted amount per student and the total number of kids have declined.

“It’s really troubling,” Jenkins said. Coonley students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades received the cards — which they hadn’t requested.

Parents from a number of other elementary schools — Disney II, Saucedo and Murphy — also reported on Facebook that their kids got cards this week. They, too, were upset about what they perceived as a breach of their children’s private information — and suspicious about who provided it.

CPS says it does not release such information to charter schools and forbids any partners privy to private student information from doing the same. District spokesman Michael Passman said CPS did not give or sell any information to Noble.

Noble spokesman Cody Rogers said the charter chain paid a mass mailing company to have the cards sent to a number of students citywide encouraging them to enroll this fall in several of their schools, an effort he described as part of typical recruiting. He did not release the company’s name.

“We also contact families through third-party companies that distribute our information cards but don’t share specific names and addresses with us, which is a standard process used by numerous organizations that send bulk mail,” he said. “Our goal is to simply inform families of the opportunity to choose a public charter option for their students, and mail is one of the many ways we do that.”

For the last few years, CPS has allotted money to schools, whether run by the district or by privately-managed publicly-funded charter operators, based on the exact number of students they enroll on the 20th day of classes, which this year falls on Oct. 3. That’s when CPS will lay off up to 300 staffers.

This year’s base allotment of about $4,000 per student also is lower than it was a year ago.

Ald. Susan Sadlowski Garza (10th) is among those who’ve likened the competition to the Hunger Games, the books and movies in which kids from impoverished backgrounds compete to stay alive.

Principals are doing everything they can to keep their students — or lure others away from other schools, Garza said, because if enrollment falls below district projections, they will lose even more money from budgets cut year after year.

“It’s the Hunger Games,” she said. “Nobody wants to lose the money.”

Man Shot at a Bus stop in Petworth just before 6:30pm

Man Shot at a Bus stop in Petworth just before 6:30pm

Readers report:

“A neighbor told be a car rolled up along 8th and Crittenden streets NW, slowed down, fired off seven shot, and sped away.”


“5-6 shots heard on the corner of 8th st NW and Crittenden around 6:20pm. Second shooting in the same area in less than a month. Police on the scene now.”

MPD reports:

“Members recieved a call for sounds of gunshots in the area of Sherman Circle. Shell casings were located in the 700 block of Crittenden. Adult male victim states he was shot at the bus stop at 8th and Crittenden where he sustained one gunshot wound to his right leg. He then borded a metrobus and told the bus operator that he had been shot. The bus operator then drove him to the 3900 block of Georgia Ave for their safety.

Investigation is ongoing.”

Twitter, 'lies' and videotape: Trump shames beauty queen – Washington Post

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Plunging deeper into campaign controversy, Donald Trump publicly shamed a former beauty queen on Friday for her “disgusting” sexual past and then — in one of presidential history’s more bizarre moments — encouraged Americans to watch a “sex tape” he said would support his case.

The tweet-storm that Trump launched into at 3:20 a.m. started a day of did-that-just-happen moments that ended with Clinton’s campaign calling Trump an adult film star. Even many of Trump’s supporters shook their heads at their candidate’s latest outburst, worried it could further hurt him among the nation’s women, many of them already skeptical, whose votes he’ll badly need to win election.

“Did Crooked Hillary help disgusting (check out sex tape and past) Alicia M become a U.S. citizen so she could use her in the debate?” read a missive from Trump posted on Twitter at 5:30 a.m. That referred to 1996 Miss Universe Alicia Machado, a Venezuela-born woman whose weight gain he has said created terrible problems for the pageant he formerly owned.

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s pre-dawn Twitter tirade ricocheted across the campaign trail.

Trump’s campaign accused the media and Hillary Clinton of colluding to set him up for fresh condemnation, to which Clinton retorted, “His latest twitter meltdown is unhinged, even for him.”

Machado took to Facebook to say his tweets were part of a pattern of “demoralizing women,” calling them “cheap lies with bad intentions.” Planned Parenthood said it showed that Trump’s “misogyny knows no bounds.” And Clinton said they showed anew why someone with Trump’s temperament “should not be anywhere near the nuclear codes.”

With less than 40 days left in the election, Trump’s broadside threw his campaign into a fresh round of second-guessing the candidate’s instincts and confusion about what to do next. To believers in traditional political norms, it seemed like the opposite of what was needed to win over females, Hispanics and young Americans whose support could well determine the election.

Shaming Machado over intimate details from her past could be particularly risky as Trump tries to win over more female voters, many of whom are turned away by such personal attacks. It also risks calling further attention to the thrice-married Trump’s own history with women.

What kind of a man, Clinton asked, “stays up all night to smear a woman with lies and conspiracy theories?”

Even Trump’s most vocal allies seemed at a loss for words.

“He’s being Trump. I don’t have any comment beyond that,” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a top supporter. Generally chatty and occasionally critical of Trump, Gingrich said tersely that Trump sometimes does “strange things,” but that Clinton lies. “I’ll let you decide which is worse for America.”

But Trump’s inner circle followed his lead by refusing to concede any missteps. Trump didn’t mention the tweets Friday evening as he rallied supporters in Michigan. Instead, he returned to Twitter to invoke Clinton’s famous ad from her 2008 campaign portraying her as the best candidate to pick up an urgent call at the White House at 3 a.m.

“For those few people knocking me for tweeting at three o’clock in the morning, at least you know I will be there, awake, to answer the call!” Trump wrote.

Machado has been thrust to center stage in the campaign since Clinton noted Monday in the first debate that Trump had mocked her publicly for gaining weight after she won Miss Universe. If that was a trap laid by Clinton, the irrepressible Trump dug himself deeper the next day by saying Machado’s “massive” weight gain had been “a real problem.”

That gave Clinton’s campaign the opening it wanted. Her team circulated videos featuring Machado accusing Trump of destroying her self-confidence and arranged for reporters to interview her, just as many voters were starting to cast early ballots. Clinton’s spokesman said she called Machado Friday to thank her for her courage.

Said Trump spokeswoman Jessica Ditto, “This is the single biggest coordinated media attack in history.”

His Twitter taunts referred to footage from a Spanish reality show in 2005 in which Machado was a contestant and appeared on camera in bed with a male contestant. The images are grainy and do not include nudity, though Machado later acknowledged in the Hispanic media that she was having sex in the video.

Muddying the waters: an explicit 2000 Playboy video with a cameo by Trump. In a short clip posted on the website BuzzFeed, Trump pours a bottle of champagne on a Playboy-branded limo on a New York street, surrounded by a gaggle of women.

“There’s been a lot of talk about sex tapes today and in a strange turn of events only one adult film has emerged today, and its star is Donald Trump,” said Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill, adding he hadn’t seen the film.

Clinton’s campaign has highlighted Machado’s status as a new U.S. citizen and her plans to cast her first vote for the former secretary of state. But spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri said Clinton did not help Machado become a citizen.

For Republicans, the outburst seemed to foreclose any possibility that Trump, in the campaign’s final weeks, might reinvent himself as someone with the discipline and restraint that many voters want in their commander in chief. Trump’s allies have implored him to stick to attacks on Clinton’s family foundation, her emails or her long history as a political insider, critiques that fall further out of view whenever he sparks a new controversy.

In another risky move, Trump warned voters this week that a Clinton victory would bring former President Bill Clinton’s sex scandal back to the White House. The fresh rehash of the 1990s Monica Lewisnky scandal came despite Trump’s insistence that he’s been courageously restrained in not bringing it up.


Lederman reported from Washington. Associated Press writers Jill Colvin in Jersey City, New Jersey, Catherine Lucey in Fort Pierce, Florida, and Sigal Ratner-Arias in New York contributed to this report.

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New law allowing barbershops and beauty salons to serve alcohol – KFSN-TV

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) —

The new year always brings new laws. Next year one new law will allow barbershops and beauty salons to serve alcohol to clients without an alcohol license.

Walk into any barber shop and it is not just the sound of the clippers you’ll hear. People chatting and likely a sporting game playing in the background all make up a perfect recipe for a relaxing experience while getting styled. But pretty soon barber shops and beauty salons will be able to add an extra ingredient to the list– Alcohol.

Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill Wednesday allowing barbers and beauticians to serve complimentary wine or beer to clients without a liquor license.

Thomas Tonkin said this has been going on undercover for years, he however, as of now, is not sold on doing it.

“If you sold some alcohol here and someone went out and got into an accident– I would be worried about something like that.”

Tonkin’s next door neighbor though is on board. In fact, the owner said they’ve already tested it out.

“We would have a mimosa for a person if that’s what they wanted or a glass of wine, never hard liquor just something clean, easy, and light,” said Jay Mason, Nations Barbershop.

A local organization that speaks out against underage drinking feels this new law will make it easier for minors to get alcohol.

“Hair salons– we don’t know the regulations. How will it be regulated? It’s not a store so will they ID them,” said Janet Salcedo, California Friday Night Live Partnership.

Fresno barber Jarvis Cullin of JDB Cuts is also worried about that too. He said he’s even more concerned about how this will affect those who have low tolerance levels.

“A lot of people have a low tolerance for drinking alcohol, and say that person was to come in and get a haircut and leave the barbershop– that’s promoting drinking and driving.”

The new law states that no more than 12 ounces of beer or six ounces of wine by the glass can be offered to a client. The beer or wine can only be served during business hours and never later than 10 p.m.

Though a license or permit is not required for beauty salons and barbershops to serve complimentary beverages. The law states that it can only be done if the business is in good standing with the state board of barbering and cosmetology.

(Copyright ©2016 KFSN-TV. All Rights Reserved.)

Elisa Lasowski, queen of 'Versailles,' talks about history, television and fashion – Los Angeles Times

Americans will just be getting to know French actress Elisa Lasowski when television’s latest historical bodice-ripper, “Versailles” debuts on Ovation Oct. 1, followed by Netflix in December. She portrays Maria Teresa, or Marie-Therese, first wife of “The Sun King” Louis XIV in the series, which has already played out Season One in France and the U.K. and is headed into its third season of production.

Those keeping abreast of their period television series may already have caught wind of the series’ racy portrayal of the royal court, but Lasowski, 29, shrugs it off. She is someone, after all, who made her acting debut in David Cronenberg’s “Eastern Promises” as a prostitute, and who has also appeared as such on “Game of Thrones.”

“Some historians who have seen it have said it’s so much tamer than what life would have really been like back then,” she said. “Also, sex is part of life. I guess that’s why it gets portrayed in entertainment, because it’s a reflection of what human beings are about.” It’s also highly entertaining, and brings in good ratings, which she duly notes. “It comes out of a trend in TV that has somehow moved in that direction. In that sense it’s quite a contemporary show, a show of its time.”

A brief historical recap of the titular French castle: The former hunting lodge of Louis XIII was transformed by his son Louis XIV into the royal seat of power, an endeavor not without its struggles, including a filial rivalry, and the many machinations of French and Spanish envoys each fighting to stay at the top of the heap. Outside of politics, at Versailles Louis XIV legitimized his many “maitresse-en-titres,” causing heaps more suffering for his pious wife (read: more racy scenes).

Lasowski, a 2005 graduate of Drama Studio London who speaks four languages, sums it up by saying, “In the story of Versailles you have two main themes going on, the external politics and an internal war of morality and religion versus debauchery. What happens with my character is that somehow she will try to fight for morality and religion.”

She calls the costumes, wigs and history of “Versailles” “heavy,” but even her contemporary projects have weight. Last year, she had a featured role in David Bowie’s last video, “Blackstar.”

“It was an incredibly moving experience because we didn’t know [until afterwards] what his hidden messages in the video were, which was essentially theatricalizing his death. David Bowie wasn’t on set when we were shooting and a lot of the people didn’t know what it was for because the music wasn’t being played in the studio. I feel blessed that I was able to contribute a tiny element, but I also feel quite separated from it because his life is so epic and I just so happened to pass by.”

But Lasowski calls her career tactics “pragmatic” as opposed to romantic. “It’s like you are living your life and working, and living and working. I love what I do. Loving what I do is not waiting to get an Oscar, it’s just, like, living every day. I wasn’t even aware that people were watching my work until I started to get more jobs.”

Her comeliness has also attracted modeling agencies, but she says, “I suppose because I have this physique I could go in that direction but it’s not the direction I’ve ever gone in, so I don’t see why I should go in it now. We are lucky as actors because there has been this trend to ask us to come into commercials.”

She’s had a relationship with Chanel for about a year, and this season she sat front-row at Mulberry’s spring 2017 runway show. “With Chanel I’ve done a few photo shoots and gone to some of their events. It’s the type of relationship that builds very slowly. They always seem to know about who is coming up, even when you are just starting to feel that things are coming together. I have no idea where any of [the fashion projects] will go,” she says.

In between filming seasons two and three of “Versailles” she’ll shoot an art house film with Swedish director Marcus Werner Hed, in which she has the lead. “I can’t say much about it, but there won’t be corsets,” she laughs.

Ryder Cup fans make their wackiest fashion statements for the tournament – Washington Post

Come for the golf, stay for the outfits. That could be the motto of the biannual Ryder Cup tournament, which pits Team USA against Team Europe in various match-play competition. It’s the only golf tournament on Earth where heckling might earn you $100 from a pro, as it did for a North Dakota man named David Johnson on Thursday. It’s also the only golf tournament where dressing up in your most off-the-wall patriotic gear is de rigueur.

On Friday morning and early afternoon, fans didn’t mess around. Both Team USA and Team Europe fans brought their A-games in terms of wild ensembles to watch the Americans sweep their overseas counterparts, 4-0, in four-ball competition for the first time since 1975, when Arnold Palmer captained the squad.

That’s certainly cause for celebration.

Star-spangled snowsuits are always in season in Minnesota. (Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

Just because their team was losing, though, doesn’t mean the Europeans couldn’t have fun, especially the group known as the Guardians of the Cup. The group not only serenades its stars but dresses in in them, too.

Flag motifs, of course, proved popular across the board.

Silly costumes also made an appearance.

And some of those who did don traditional golf attire still made sure to make it stand out.

The Ryder Cup continues through Sunday.