Q&A: Photography professor discusses service project in Saudi Arabia – The Ithacan

Janice Levy, professor in the Department of Media Arts, Sciences and Studies, recently published an essay about her experience overseeing a service-learning program that taught children with disabilities the art of photography.

During her 2010–11 sabbatical, Levy taught photography at Princess Nora University, a large government-run university in Saudi Arabia. She said she learned that students were interested in doing more service-learning projects and decided to start one while she was there. She brought her photography students at PNU to a school for children with disabilities, and there they taught the children how to take photographs.

The Institute for Photographic Empowerment published her paper, titled “What I see, Who I am: Saudi Women Enrolled in University Photo Course Teach Disabled Children to Communicate with Cameras,” in October, and the paper went on to be accepted into the Arts and Society Research Network conference, which will be held in Paris in June 2017.

Contributing Writer Erin Conway spoke to Levy about how her work in Saudi Arabia, her paper and the upcoming conference.

Photos from Janice Levy’s sabbatical trip to Saudi Arabia.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Erin Conway: What made you want to write this paper about your experience?

Janice Levy: While I was over there, I looked up a Washington Post photographer from the ’80s named Jim Hubbard. Hubbard would go into impoverished areas, and when he did, he realized whenever kids were around, they would want to take pictures with his camera. He started a program called Shooting Back. He let these kids use the cameras and noticed the pictures they took were really revealing about their lives and their homes and the things that were important to them.

EC: How did you come up with the title for this paper?

JL: I came up with it myself. It’s fitting because it says, “If I can show you what I see, it will tell you who I am.” It says, “If I can’t talk or move or if I don’t look like you, I will show you. I am so much more than just what you see.”

EC: What were some of the challenges teaching at PNU?

JL: There was a lot to overcome with this photography project. There was a lot to overcome in just terms of teaching my students at the university. In their interpretation of Islam, they are not allowed to make any likeness of anything living. In other words, they cannot draw the human figure or anything living. I learned about this when I gave my first portrait assignment and one of the young women raised her hand and told me they couldn’t do the assignment because it’s haram, or against Islam. Instead, they took pictures of things that represented the human form or just objects and scenery. Another challenge was the language barrier. They didn’t speak much English, and I didn’t speak much Arabic. Being disabled is also very taboo in Saudi culture, so getting the PNU students to even want to come to the Disabled Association took a while.

EC: What else do you have to do to prepare for the conference in June?

JC: I’ll have to write an article. I plan on expanding on the paper I have written. I have asked the PNU students to write about their experience, which they have, but it needs to be translated. I will be able to include some of their quotes in the article that will be published in the academic journal the conference puts out. I will also give a presentation during the two-day conference, so I’ll put together a slideshow and present the work the students did and discuss how it was done.

EC: Why is this conference important for you to go to?

JL: Sometimes, when I start to think about what a mess this world is, and I ask, “What have I done to help?” I think about this project, and I think about this upcoming conference, talking about this project to people who might take this model to their country and try it and make people think about the ways in which they contribute. Maybe they will make a little bit of a difference. It’s like a double blessing because I get to pass this lesson on.

EC: What do you hope that your readers take away from the piece you will have published in the academic journal?

JL: I want people to take away the lesson that it is possible to teach humility and understanding. I think that those are a part of the equation for eliminating hatred and xenophobia in this world. That’s what I want. I want my work to show that if you can put people together in a way that eliminates those irrational fears, it can create something productive. Like I said in my proposal, I want my work to be a lesson in humility, humanity and hope.

Mezcalero now opening “early December” (possibly Dec. 1st) near Red Derby

Mezcalero now opening “early December” (possibly Dec. 1st) near Red Derby

3714 14th Street, NW at Quincy

So they underestimated the reopening date. It will be worth the wait for the El Sol reincarnation! Stay tuned for an exact opening date, (I’ve sent an email for confirmation) possibly Dec. 1st according to their website:


“Mexico City Street Food, Small Plates, Authentic Cuisine, Entrees, Fresh Ceviches, Weekend Brunch Specials, Craft Mezcal Cocktails – by chef Alfredo Solis, owner of El Sol, and his sister, chef Jessica Solis.”


looking north towards Red Derby and Lyman’s Tavern

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show mixes lingerie, models and music from Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, the Weeknd – Los Angeles Times

Ahh, Paris: The cradle of couture, a hot spot for lingerie, and the birthplace of the expression “ooh la la!”

Victoria’s Secret, what took you so long?

“It’s been a dream for a long time,” Ed Razek, chief marketing officer of Victoria’s Secret, confessed about the brand’s first French showing here Wednesday night, an extravaganza of feathers, flesh and fantasy wings, some the scale of early satellite dishes. “It doesn’t get any bigger than this in the fashion world. Paris is the home of fashion. It’s the home of lingerie and it’s the home of fashion shows.

“It’s a very big deal to be at the Grand Palais,” added Razek, who is also executive producer of the show.

The American firm imported 70 tons of equipment, 18 miles of cable, and 51 of the world’s most bodacious bodies for its annual fashion and music spectacle, to be broadcast on the CBS Television Network and online on Dec. 5. Last year, some 800 million people in 200 countries tuned in.

Prized for its 11-story glass cupola and Beaux-Arts architecture, the Grand Palais regularly hosts Chanel fashion shows, along with art, photography and antique fairs.

On Wednesday night, it was the site of back-to-back Victoria’s Secret shows, each before an audience of 1,300 people, to capture the best possible footage of the brand’s winged Angels strutting their stuff on a sparkly, 115-foot catwalk, backed by performances by The Weeknd, Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga, who dazzled the crowd with her spine-tingling vocals, towering heels and split-second outfit changes.

Razek marveled that many of the models arrived in Paris with their personal trainers in tow. “These girls have been killing themselves for six months. The level of physical fitness they’ve achieved is astonishing,” he said. “The models have never worked harder than they have for this show.”

“I did a lot of weight training and resistance training,” said Jasmine Tookes, who wore a fantasy bra set with diamonds and emeralds valued at $3 million. “I like to do a lot of squats because it’s good for the bum – and there are cameras from every angle. So I really like to make sure that my butt looks good.”

A toned butt seemed to be a chief concern backstage.

Alessandra Ambrosio began prepping for the show in September, working out with Tracy Anderson. “I’ve been doing a lot of cardio, dancing cardio with her, which is amazing,” she said. “And a lot of ankle weights for butt lifting and abs.”

Others took the dietary route.

“I have just been really good on my eating, keeping my energy up and sleeping as much as I can,” confided Kendall Jenner. She said the run-up to the show seemed “like a big school field trip. I feel like I was taken back to high school. It’s really enjoyable. I genuinely have a lot of really good friends here, so it makes it even more fun.”

Bella Hadid confessed a soft spot for the city’s Ferris Wheel plunked in the Place de la Concorde. “Nobody will ride it with me,” she bemoaned. “Now it’s really cold, so I’m going to force people tonight to come with me, because I need to do it before I leave.”

Yolanda Hadid described her reaction upon hearing that Bella had been chosen to walk in the show alongside her sister, Gigi. “I cried, it still makes me cry,” she said, welling up. “As a mother, obviously, last year when Gigi got in and Bella didn’t, it was hard… They say you’re only as happy as your unhappiest child. So this time, they’re both here and it’s a night to celebrate.”

She told her daughters to indulge: “You’ve been eating chicken and salad for months, so enjoy this moment and then let’s go eat some French fries and hamburgers afterwards.”

Seamstresses also worked overtime, devoting 300 hours to Lily Donaldson’s outfit, hand set with more than 2,500 stones. Josephine Skriver was her rival in the glittering department, wearing an outfit covered with almost half a million Swarovski crystals.

The slick, high-energy show worked through various fashion themes: romps through Asia, the Alpine region and a collegiate stadium, climaxing with vampish, sultry and ultra-embellished lingerie looks and a shower of gold sequins.

It was Dominic West’s first Victoria’s Secret display. “We’re here shooting the final episode of ‘The Affair,’ which is the TV show I’m doing. So that’s why I’m here. I’m in Paris just for two weeks. So I was just actually coming to look at the roof of the Grand Palais, and then I saw all the banners saying Victoria’s Secret.”

So he decided: “Let’s go there.”

French style guru Inès de la Fressange had strong opinions about lingerie.

“It’s to make you feel confident,” she said. “In high fashion, the inside of the jacket is in silk, very well done, and only the owner can notice it. If you want to seduce, I think you have to seduce yourself before. You have to feel good. And if you feel good, you look lovely.”

“And who doesn’t love women feeling beautiful in beautiful lingerie? Everyone loves that, right? I mean, you can’t turn it down, it’s like pizza,” said Webb, who walked in the first Victoria’s Secret show. “I have to say it was a game changer for me. It was one of the most challenging bookings that I ever had and it really started me off on a high level of fitness that has helped me throughout my life, through work, through motherhood.”

Designers in attendance included Riccardo Tisci, Azzedine Alaia, Haider Ackermann, Esteban Cortazar, Nina Ricci’s Guillaume Henri and Peter Dundas, many of them first-timers.

Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing said it was a special night for Paris. “What I love about Victoria’s Secret is it’s so diverse and international and them doing this in Paris is such an honor for the city and the country. It’s just what we need in France: more love, more happiness. We have been through some really tough times and bringing a bit of joy and sun with all those amazing Angels makes Paris happy,” he said. “This is everything I love: Pop culture mixed with music fashion, all the strong girls I love together on the runway, I’m here to support them.”

The 21nd edition of the Victoria’s Secret show came to roost in France even though the company only has one beauty and accessories unit at the Paris Orly airport.

Razek did not rule out a Paris flagship one day, but noted that the company has taken a slow and careful approach to international expansion. At present, Victoria’s Secret, part of Limited Brands, counts 19 full-line stores in Europe and 84 beauty units. The brand is also present in the Middle East, with 23 lingerie and 87 beauty stores, and in Asia with one full-line store and 136 beauty locations.

Razek characterized the Paris showing as an ode to the city’s fashion stature, and France’s cultural riches.

While the outfits paraded were not directly inspired by Paris, “any lingerie collection would by definition be inspired by French sophistication,” he said, lauding the legendary je ne sais quoi French women possess and screen stars of yore who popularized sexy and stylish innerwear.

Victoria’s Secret’s dalliance with France kicked off in October when it posted a short film to promote its holiday line. Set at the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte and featuring models Stella Maxwell, Elsa Hosk, Taylor Hill, Romee Strijd and Sara Sampaio, the film was billed as the brand’s biggest lingerie shoot in history.

Katya Foreman and Jennifer Weil contributed to this story.


At 94, Pierre Cardin stages his 70th anniversary show

World’s first synthetic spider silk outerwear prototype comes to N.Y.

Connor Franta leaps from YouTube to fashion with Urban Outfitters

Former St. Albert principal awaits verdict on invasion of privacy charges – The Daily Nonpareil

The bench trial for the Rev. Paul Monahan continued Wednesday, with the defense calling several witnesses to testify on behalf of the retired Council Bluffs priest and former principal of St. Albert.

Monahan, 83, faces five counts of invasion of privacy after allegedly looking at high school students’ genitals in a public restroom. The state alleges the invasions took place on April 4 during a high school track meet at Treynor High School.

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Collateral Beauty Photos: The Will Smith Film Opens December 16 – ComingSoon.net

Collateral Beauty Photos: The Will Smith film opens December 16

New Line Cinema and Village Roadshow Pictures have provided ComingSoon.net with new Collateral Beauty photos, which you can view in the gallery below.

Helmed by Oscar-winning director David Frankel (Dear Diary, The Devil Wears Prada), the film is opening in theaters on December 16, 2016. The Collateral Beauty cast includes Will Smith (Suicide Squad, Concussion), Edward Norton (Birdman or [The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance]), Keira Knightley (The Imitation Game), Michael Peña (The Martian), Naomie Harris (SPECTRE), and Jacob Latimore (The Maze Runner), with Oscar winners Kate Winslet (The Reader, Steve Jobs) and Helen Mirren (The Queen, Trumbo).

When a successful New York ad executive suffers a personal tragedy and retreats from life, his friends devise a drastic plan to reach him before he loses everything. Pushing him to the very edge, they force him to confront the truth in surprising and profoundly human ways.

Frankel is directing the Collateral Beauty cast from an original screenplay by Allan Loeb (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps, 21). Loeb is also a producer on the film, together with Bard Dorros (Triple 9) and Michael Sugar (Oscar-nominated Best Picture Spotlight) under the Anonymous Content banner; Anthony Bregman (Foxcatcher) for Likely Story; and Kevin Frakes (John Wick) for PalmStar Media.

Frankel’s behind-the-scenes creative team includes director of photography Maryse Alberti (Creed), production designer Beth Mickle (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot), editor Andrew Marcus (American Ultra) and costume designer Leah Katznelson (How to Be Single).

A presentation of New Line Cinema and Village Roadshow Pictures, Collateral Beauty will be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, and in select territories by Village Roadshow Pictures.

The 2016 Phoenix House Fashion Award Dinner in New York – Vogue.com

On a particularly wet Tuesday night in New York, the Phoenix House hosted its annual Fashion Award Dinner at Cipriani 42nd Street. A group of stylish guests, including Lauren Santo Domingo, Vogue’s Sara Moonves, and Andrew Rosen, braved the elements to help raise awareness for substance abuse and addiction, as well as to toast this year’s honorees who were awarded for their leadership in fashion, beauty, retail, and media. But with holiday party season just heating up, even the most dreary of forecasts didn’t stand a chance in putting a damper on the evening’s mood. “It’s become a beacon of light and supports so many people who are suffering from addiction,” said Proenza Schouler’s Lazaro Hernandez, who was honored with fellow PS designer Jack McCollough. “It’s just great to be here.”

A similarly sunny disposition was further echoed by honoree Marc Metrick. Prior to delivering a moving speech about overcoming his personal struggle with alcoholism, the president of Saks Fifth Avenue touched on the power of positive thinking, and for that matter, festive dressing. “For people who love fashion, it doesn’t mater if it’s raining—they want to have joy,” he said. “Plus, it’s a great cause, so all around very good for the fashion industry.” Michael Clinton, too, took a light-hearted approach when he ascended the stage to thank guests for their time and support. “You could have been home binge-watching The Crown tonight, and lapping up all that great twentieth-century fashion!” he said. Given that the occasion raised just more than $1 million in funding for the nonprofit’s prevention, treatment, and recovery programs, the future is looking bright for those who find hope at the Phoenix House.



Bypassing BitLocker during an upgrade

If you’ve got an iPhone, or an Android, or a Mac, or a Windows 10 computer, then you’ll know that when you do an upgrade, the device almost always reboots during the process, sometimes more than once.

You can see why that’s a good idea: if you want to update critical system files, it’s much easier if you can be sure they aren’t in use at the time.

And if you have update B that depends on update A having gone through correctly first, it’s often very handy if you can reboot once to get A sorted out, and then reboot again to deal with B.

So, for all that we often gripe about reboots, because you can’t use your computer (or your phone, or whateveritis) while it’s restarting, they do help to make the complex process of upgrades more reliable, especially on devices that we’ve customised extensively with our own array of interdependent apps and services.

One thing that makes today’s typical upgrades much more palatable is that, even if they take a long time to complete, you rarely need to do anything along the way.

You won’t get asked an interminable and apparently unrelated series of questions at randomly-spaced intervals during the process, as happened in the old days when you installed Windows 95.

In fact, you can go off and do something else, and when you come back, it’ll be just as if you turned your computer off for a bit and have now turned it back on.

Windows 10 even lets you choose your active hours, and will do the work for you automatically outside those times if you aren’t using your computer.

Why does this matter?

Well, if you use full disk encryption – BitLocker on Windows or FileVault on macOS, or the built-in device encryption on iPhones and modern Androids – you have probably already noticed that you don’t have to enter your password during the upgrade process, even if the computer reboots along the way.

To complete the process when you aren’t around, or when you are around but would like to focus your attention on something else, the updater needs to keep your encrypted volumes unlocked during the upgrade, by some means or other.

Strictly speaking, that’s not much more of a security risk than at any other time that your computer is up and running.

When an encrypted drive is mounted and in use, the system needs access to the disk decryption key, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

In theory, a crook can’t get at your data using your computer, encrypted or not, as long as you lock your screen (and there aren’t any lockscreen bugs, of course).

But if he powers down your computer to go off and crack it somewhere else, he’ll need to know your password to remount the encrypted volume.

Note that having access to the disk decryption key isn’t the same as having access to your password, which is typically used just to decrypt the disk key, not to decrypt the disk itself. That’s why you can change your password without re-encrypting the whole disk: only the password protected disk key needs to be re-encrypted. It’s also why, if your password is stolen, you can quickly zap your disk just by wiping the encrypted disk key. Once the disk key is gone, your password no longer has any cryptographic connection with the data on the disk.

Unfortunately, it seems that on Windows 10, at least, there’s a brief period, when your computer reboots for an upgrade, during which you can press Shift + F10 to drop into a recovery console.

You can see where this is going: if you can get into the recovery shell at just the right point in an upgrade, the encrypted volume will still be mounted.

In other words, you just bypassed the BitLocker password prompt, and you can get at data you’re not supposed to see.

What to do?

If you’re at home, the chances are your Windows version doesn’t include Bitlocker, so unless you paid extra for the privilege, this doesn’t apply to you.

A crook with physical access to your computer could just boot it off USB and read your disk anyway.

If you’re at work, or at home with Bitlocker running, you can avoid this issue by not leaving your computer unattended during an upgrade.

Some reports suggest that, on computers managed by Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), you can turn off the recovery console altogether by creating a file called:


(Change the Windows directory name to match your local installation.)

We don’t know whether this works, or even if it’s still officially supported – we can’t find a recent mention of this tweak on any of Microsoft’s technical pages – but there doesn’t seem to be any harm in creating this file if you do use SCCM.

We’re also betting that Microsoft will soon make “no recovery console” the default…

…so by the time you next do an upgrade, this whole issue might well be moot.

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