The Hilltop is Launching Brunch this Saturday, Have a first look at the menu

Sherman and Girard St, NW courtesy The Hilltop

From an email:

“The Hilltop, a neighborhood spot on Sherman and Girard, is opening for brunch this Saturday at 10:30! We’ll have lots of local goodness–Gordy’s Bloody Marys, Bullfrog Bagels, Compass coffee, and some delicious breakfast tacos too.”

Full menu after the jump.


Breakfast Tacos $4.00

All breakfast tacos served with a side of house made salsa roja, radishes, & cilantro

Add avocado $1.50, Add bacon $1.50, Add chorizo $2.00

Taco No. 1

Scrambled eggs, chorizo, cheddar cheese

Taco No. 2

Scrambled eggs, feta cheese, sweet potato

Taco No. 3

Scrambled eggs, black beans, sweet corn, feta cheese

Hilltop Scramble $10

Scrambled eggs with sweet potato, & chorizo topped with feta & avocado

Greek yogurt & homemade granola $9

Topped with honey & sea salt

Perfect B.E.C. $8.50

Toasted Bullfrog bagel with bacon, scrambled or fried egg & American cheese

Brunch Burger $13.50

Beef patty topped with melted cheddar cheese & a fried egg. Served with sweet potato fries.

Bagel & Lox $11.50

Toasted Bullfrog bagel with smoked salmon, whipped cream cheese, cucumber, tomato, red onion & capers

Shares & Sides

Sweet potato fries with house made ketchup $5

Roasted brussels sprouts $7

Add ons

Bacon $2

Chorizo $2

Avocado $1.50

Feta Cheese $1


District Bloody Mary; $8

Vodka, Gordy’s bloody mary mix

Classic Mimosa; $6

Dry champagne, orange juice

Basil Lemonade; $6

Vodka, lemonade, fresh basil, simple syrup, splash of soda

Aperol “Pom Pom” Spritz; $8

Aperol, orange bitters, soda, orange

Kentucky Sunrise; $7

Bourbon, grenadine, orange juice


Compass Drip Coffee $3.50

Shiv Sena dubs Air India 'mafia goons' after they banned MP Gaikwad – Hindustan Times

Backing party MP Ravindra Gaikwad following his dispute with an Air India employee, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut on Thursday dubbed the national carrier a ‘mafia goon’ over their decision to ban Gaikwad.

“Company’s behaviour is that of mafia goons, their dictatorship will not last long,” Raut told media.

Raut asked that when terrorists, underworld dons and corrupt people travel freely on airlines, why has Gaikwad been banned even before the judgement has come. “They should not have banned him, terrorist, underworld dons, and corrupt people can travel freely so,why is a minister being banned, even before the judgment,” he said.

Shiv Sena MP Anandrao Adsul on Wednesday moved a notice on the Gaikwad issue in the Lok Sabha.

Gaikwad has submitted a complaint against Air India before the Delhi Police, alleging that he was pushed and yelled at.

In his complaint, Gaikwad, who allegedly manhandled an Air India staffer, said he was made to travel by Air India in economy class despite having a business class ticket.

Air India and six private airlines banned the 56-year-old MP from flying after he refused to apologise for the incident that triggered nationwide outrage.

Let’s Encrypt issues certs to ‘PayPal’ phishing sites: how to protect yourself

The modus operandi for phishing attacks is straightforward: thieves spam out legitimate-looking messages with malicious links that, when clicked, dupe the victim into giving up passwords, credit card numbers and the like.

When they set up their sites, crooks need SSL certificates, and for the most part there’s no stopping them from getting one. Just as people fall for fake sites that look like something from their bank or HR department, the certificate provider can fail to tell the difference between the legitimate and fraudulent cert seeker.

Such is the case with Let’s Encrypt, a free, automated certificate authority that has issued 15,270 “PayPal” certificates to sites used for phishing.

PayPal a big target

SSL Store encryption expert Vincent Lynch has been watching it happen and asked Let’s Encrypt to stop issuing certificates containing the term “PayPal”. But in a blog post, he said the problem persists:

PayPal is a high-value target and Let’s Encrypt had already issued nearly 1,000 certificates containing the term PayPal, more than 99% of which were intended for phishing sites. With expanded research, we found our previous claim was a major underestimate. Let’s Encrypt has actually issued 15,270 PayPal certificates. This reveals the previously unknown extent of the Let’s Encrypt phishing phenomenon.

Assuming that current trends continue, he said Let’s Encrypt will issue 20,000 additional “PayPal” certificates by year’s end. Since its inception, Let’s Encrypt has taken a hands-off approach when it comes to issuing and revoking certificates because doing so runs counter to its goal of encrypting every website it can.

Lynch acknowledged that, and said his reason for writing the warning was to show how popular the use of SSL is on phishing sites:

If Let’s Encrypt will issue upwards of 35,000 “PayPal” certificates by the end of 2017, there are likely tens of thousands more targeting other popular sites and services. The security community, and internet users at large, should be aware of the extent of this activity.

Whose responsibility is it, anyway?

The big question in this situation is who bears responsibility for thwarting phishers. Let’s Encrypt’s policy is clear. From the website:

Deciding what to do here has been tough. On the one hand, we don’t like these sites any more than anyone else does, and our mission is to help build a safer and more secure Web. On the other hand, we’re not sure that certificate issuance (at least for Domain Validation) is the right level on which to be policing phishing and malware sites in 2015. This post explains our thinking in order to encourage a conversation about the CA ecosystem’s role in fighting these malicious sites.

In the final analysis, the organization says, certificate authorities are not well positioned to run anti­-phishing and anti-malware operations:

They simply do not have sufficient ongoing visibility into sites’ content. The best CAs can do is check with organizations that have much greater content awareness, such as Microsoft and Google. Google and Microsoft consume vast quantities of data about the Web from massive crawling and reporting infrastructures.

In an email exchange, Let’s Encrypt executive director Josh Aas said a blanket block on the word “paypal” would prevent legitimate use while doing little or nothing to stop phishing and malware sites.

Naked Security has written about phishing at length, and the conclusion is usually that the fight rests with individual companies, employees and consumers.

To that end…

What companies should be doing

Since phishing is one of the easier ways for an attacker to steal a company’s sensitive information, the defense must start there.

To help raise awareness, security vendors have offered a number of products and services companies can use to launch simulations – essentially phishing fire drills — which can show employees up close how easy it is to be duped by social engineering. For Sophos customers, that product is Phish Threat.

Security awareness programs are not new, and some security experts have questioned their effectiveness, since users continue to make the same mistakes. Sophos’ response has been that simulations give awareness programs more teeth. The more employees get caught on the phishing hook during a simulation, the less likely they are to forget the lesson.

Though such simulations are an effective way to raise awareness, companies need to follow that up with concrete instructions to help employees stay above the fray.

What consumers should be doing

For consumers, we’ve repeatedly suggested the following:

  • Be careful what you click. This one is painfully obvious, but users need a constant reminder.
  • Check the address bar for the correct URL. The address bar in your web browser uses a URL to find the website you are looking for. The web address usually starts with either HTTP or HTTPS, followed by the domain name. The real websites of banks and many others use a secure connection that encrypts web traffic, called SSL or HTTPS. If you are expecting a secure HTTPS website for your bank, for example, make sure you see a URL beginning with https://before entering your private information.
  • Look for the padlock for secure HTTPS websites. A secure HTTPS website has a padlock icon to the left of the web address.
  • Consider using two-factor authentication for more security. When you try to log into a website with two-factor authentication (2FA), there’s an extra layer of security to make sure it’s you signing into your account.

Aas added this suggestion as well:

Use Google Safe Browsing, Microsoft SmartScreen, or some other safe browsing program. Those programs have vast resources devoted to consuming and evaluating content, and they can issue warnings and blocks very effectively.

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Photography contest includes Titusville, Hydetown, Oil Creek Township, Venango County – Meadville Tribune

The Oil Region Alliance is holding the “2017 Oil Heritage Region Photography Contest,” which will provide shutterbugs the opportunity to submit their best photos of the Oil Region and perhaps win a cash prize. 

The rules are simple:

• Employees of the Oil Region Alliance are not eligible to enter the contest.

• The contest is open to anyone age 18 or older.

• There is no fee required to enter the contest.

• There will be two divisions: amateur and professional. A photographer who earns a majority of their income from their photography is considered a professional.

• There will be two categories: “Faces & Places” and “History & Heritage.”

• Cash prizes will be awarded to first- and second-place winners in each category and division.

• Each entrant may submit up to 10 photos.

• A signed entry form must be provided for each photo submitted.

• Photos must have been taken between June 1, 2016, and June 1, 2017.

• Entries will be accepted beginning Saturday and are due June 15.

• Photos must have been taken in the Oil Heritage Region — anywhere in Venango County or the city of Titusville, the borough of Hydetown, or Oil Creek Township in Crawford County.

• Judging takes place in June and winners will be notified in July.

• When judging to determine the winners, preference will be given to photos showing action and depicting smiling, happy faces.

• A signed release form must be provided for anyone whose image is used.

• Photos must be submitted electronically, either on a CD, DVD or flash drive.

• Deliver device to the Oil Region Alliance office at 217 Elm St., Oil City, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

• Photographs will be judged on quality, composition and lighting.

• Photos must be in .tif or .jpg format.

• Each photo must be high resolution and at least 1,200 pixels by 1,600 pixels.

• Photographs with watermarks will not be accepted.

• No collages will be accepted.

• Once submitted, photographs become the property of the Oil Region Alliance of Business, Industry & Tourism.

• At the discretion of the Oil Region Alliance, entries may be used in future editions of the Visitor Guide, aka Your Guide to the Oil Region, in brochures and/or other printed or digital format.

• More information: Call Toni Kresinski, project manager, at (800) 483-6264, extension 110.

Review: Dual shows at Leepa Rattner map beauty in Florida and beyond –


You can’t blame Florida’s landscape for being a little camera-shy.

The state lacks some of the reliable crowd-pleasers of nature imagery — it’s short on snowy ridges and purple mountain majesties. No one doubts its beauty, but some beauty is hard to capture with a wide-angle lens.

So it’s risky to run an exhibit of Florida images alongside a collection of majestic landscapes, mostly from the West. But that’s exactly what is happening now at the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art. And the risk pays off, with surprising revelations for lovers of the state.

“Endangered Landscapes: America’s National Lands in Transition” and “AQUIFERious: Florida’s Springs” opened together and run through May 14.

First, the visiting team. “Endangered Landscapes” is photographer Rick Braveheart’s centennial birthday gift to the National Park Service. Its bravura images are the result of grueling work in some of our grandest national parks: Bryce Canyon, Badlands, Mesa Verde, Zion.

The program describes Braveheart seeking out the perfect light the way a big game hunter might stalk pronghorn. Images like And the Sky Opened are fitting trophies for his trouble: The clouds part, and the Rocky Mountain valley is illuminated as if by klieg lights.

In writing, Braveheart is admirably committed to reminding us that these parks are not static, indestructible monuments, but real places in real trouble. For instance, he explains that Smoky Mountain National Park has lost 80 percent of its long-range views over the past 50 years due to air pollution.

But there seems to be less thought given to the optical consequences of his own technologies. Some images appear to carry the mark of contrast and color saturation filters jammed hard to starboard. Others show the chilly grain of megapixels, out of place in the Great Plains.

Photography is having a particularly tough time assimilating our newer digital tools in a satisfying way. Braveheart is open about his equipment choices. There’s always a half-sheepish, half-defensive tone to such admissions, like a food label divulging GMOs.

On the other side of Leepa-Rattner’s gallery, an alternate model is on display. A bench is set up in front of Margaret Ross Tolbert’s painting Springs for Hiram. The work is over 30 feet wide. Sitting down in front of it, the painting fills the entire field of vision, and the viewer is plunged into Ross Tolbert’s colors. You can almost feel the current tug.

Springs for Hiram is a central work of “AQUIFERious.” The exhibit is a multi-artist showcase swirling around Ross Tolbert’s book of the same name, a genre-less work of poetry, painting and tough, angry prose.

The Leepa-Rattner exhibit takes the book’s omnivorous approach and cranks it up by an order of magnitude. Artists and scientists from several disciplines are included.

The exhibit flows from abstract canvases to the underwater photography of Mark Long and Jill Heinerth to the photographed escapades of a shadowy character named Sirena.

It’s a playful, lively show — and a profound one, in all senses of the word. Cave-diving legend Eric Hutcheson spent hundreds of hours beneath the surface of the Earth to create maps of the aquifer on display here. His cartography lends the show a grounding sense of location and scale. But his drawings are also strange and beautiful productions in their own right. It seems you can’t go down into the springs and not come back up with beauty.

But the eye always makes its way back to Ross Tolbert’s canvases. The Well at Silver Springs Glen depicts shadowy fish circling the sun in an immense column of water. It’s hypnotic and moving. The painting operates like a mandala, the kind Carl Jung might have recognized: a circle, bringing together light and darkness, stone and water, chaos and order. “The Well is a visual experience of everything,” Ross Tolbert writes, and she’s not wrong.

“AQUIFERious” presents an opportunity to consider what we have as Floridians. The state’s most precious resource, the aquifer, is extraordinarily close to the surface but mostly invisible to eye and lens. It takes a creative feat to render its mysteries visible.

This matters: People can’t value or protect what they barely recognize is there. “AQUIFERious” helps us to see.

Contact James Chapin at

Review: Dual shows at Leepa Rattner map beauty in Florida and beyond 03/30/17

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Stephen Colbert Shreds GOP For Scrapping Internet Privacy Rules – Huffington Post

Stephen Colbert tore into House Republicans for voting to repeal internet privacy rules on Wednesday.

Following Tuesday’s vote to allow internet service providers to share customers’ personal information (including browsing history) without their consent, the “Late Show” host said it was typical of “what’s wrong with Washington, D.C.”

“I guarantee you there is not one person, not one voter of any political stripe anywhere in America who asked for this,” said Colbert.  “No one in America stood up at a town hall and said ’Sir, I demand you let somebody else make money off my shameful desires. Maybe blackmail me one day.’”

To “honor” the vote, the “Late Show”  imagined what House Republicans have been searching for online:

You can support the ACLU right away. Text POWER to 20222 to give $10 to the ACLU. The ACLU will call you to explain other actions you can take to help. Visit for terms. #StandForRights2017

BoF Exclusive | H&M Launches New Brand: Arket – The Business of Fashion

STOCKHOLM, Sweden — Fast-fashion giant H&M is launching a new retail brand called Arket. The retailer will be a “modern-day market that will offer essential products for men, women, children and home,” according to the company.

It will sell Arket’s own products alongside a selection of products from non-H&M brands. Arket product will be priced slightly higher than that of the group’s core H&M brand, with men’s shirts, for example, starting at €39 (about $42) and stretching up to €115.

“We really believe it’s relevant to a modern customer to bring different brands together — under one roof, under one channel — and to make that choice for them and also make it more convenient,” Ulrika Bernhardtz, Arket’s creative director, told BoF.

“The brand DNA is timeless, crisp, quality and warmth,” Bernhardtz continued. “Timeless is style beyond trend. And crisp is the counterpart to that: to be always relevant, modern and fresh. Quality is not only the feel of garments; it’s also how they are produced. Warmth is about being genuine and personal.”

“Starting this project, a little bit over two years ago, we did quite extensive research and what we clearly saw was a broad customer base out there who are looking for classic, quality products in an environment that should be both simple and inspiring, but also putting our own fantastic design together with complementary brands,” added Lars Axelsson, Arket’s managing director. “Today the customer is very busy. They are looking for convenience, but also a place that they can really enjoy.”

Arket’s first retail store will open on London’s Regents Street in late summer or early autumn of this year. “We are starting in London as a global city to reach the world,” said Axelsson. The new brand will simultaneously start trading online in 18 European countries, with additional stores to follow in Brussels, Copenhagen and Munich. “We are looking into more cities obviously, but our main focus is Europe and we are starting there.”

Select Arket stores will include a café concept featuring ‘new Nordic’ cuisine. “We are adding on a café that will make the modern-day market a destination where you can both shop and enjoy healthy food,” explained Bernhardtz.

In addition to its phonetic link to “market,” the name Arket means “sheet of paper” in Swedish. “It both relates to our origin in the Nordic tradition of functional, long-lasting design and symbolises the blank sheet, the sense of optimism and possibility we felt creating this new brand,” added Bernhardtz.

The move is part of previously announced plans to “launch one or two new brands in 2017” and comes at a time of expansion for the world’s second largest clothing retailer, which is set to open 430 new stores this financial year, including outposts in new markets like Kazakhstan, Colombia, Iceland, Vietnam and Georgia. It is also part of a wider strategy for the group to expand its customer reach and improve its online services in what many see as a bid to reclaim its lost market share in the fashion industry.

Arket joins H&M’s existing brand portfolio, which includes & Other Stories, Cheap Monday, COS, Monki, and Weekday, as well as its flagship H&M brand.

“Ten years ago the first COS store opened, and since then we have added a number of new brands to the H&M group. Each with its own unique profile, our brands attract customers in various different segments,” said Karl-Johan Persson, chief executive and president of the H&M group, in a statement.

“Arket will offer a broad yet selected range of essentials for men, women and children, as well as a smaller, curated assortment for the home,” he continued. “The overall direction and focus is quality in simple, timeless and functional designs. There will be products in a broad price range, however in a slightly higher price segment than H&M with emphasis on materials, function and fit.”

This morning, the company announced its first quarter financial results. Group sales for the first quarter of its financial year rose by 7 percent to 5.4 billion Swedish crowns (about $6 billion), however pretax profits fell to 3.2 billion Swedish crowns from last year’s first quarter figure of 3.33 billion, due to lower sales growth as well as higher mark downs.

The retailer noted that conditions remained “very tough” in many key European markets and the in the US, as consumers expectations and shopping behaviour rapidly changes, which it said was reflected in its sales. Growth in local currency sales for the first quarter also fell short of its annual target set out in January of around 10-15 percent, at 4 percent.

NBA OnScene in Texas: Dubs come back – ESPN

Four games, four days, four MVP candidates, four title contenders: It’s the NBA’s version of March Madness, done up Texas style. The eyes of the basketball world will be on Houston and San Antonio, where a quartet of games could help determine one of the closest MVP races ever, as well as give us a glimpse at how the top championship contenders match up.

It all started Sunday, when Russell Westbrook padded his MVP résumé with another triple-double but saw his Oklahoma City Thunder fall to James Harden and the Houston Rockets. Monday night, 195 miles away, two of the past three Finals MVPs faced off, with Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs rolling to victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James, who was forced to leave early with a neck injury. With two games in the books, it was time to turn our attention to the Golden State Warriors, who took care of business against the Rockets, and then did the same with an amazing comeback against the Spurs on Wednesday night, just hours after finding out Kevin Durant could return for the end of the regular season.

Relive all four games through the eyes of Tim MacMahon, who was on the scene for every second of action and even gave fans a glimpse of what a true Texas road trip looks like.

Wednesday, March 29 – Warriors at Spurs

AT&T Center (San Antonio)

The media won’t get a glimpse of Kevin Durant working out this evening. He got his work in early this afternoon at the AT&T Center.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Kevin Durant will get a pregame workout in after all. It’s a two-a-day for him as he ramps up for his return.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Kevin Durant, simulating coming off curls, mixes in a hard two-hand dunk with a bunch of pull-ups.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Kevin Durant, working on his off-the-dribble game, jumps off his left foot for another dunk.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


A look at the brace Kevin Durant is wearing on his left knee:

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Texas ex Kevin Durant still has some fans in the Lone Star State.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

The throng of Warriors autograph seekers isn’t quite as deep in San Antonio as it was in Houston.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Man, we thought the Spurs dominated the Cavaliers? San Antonio 23, Warriors 3 seven minutes in. A statement week for the Spurs?

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

David West is welcomed back to San Antonio with a round of boos. Spurs fans apparently didn’t appreciate him choosing to go to Golden State after spending last season here.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

David West on being booed in San Antonio: “Hey, this is the NBA, man.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Golden State is not going down without a fight. The Warriors have sliced the lead to seven. The electricity in the crowd has turned into anger at refs.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

The finale of the Texas 4-Step is by far the most competitive game. Spurs pounced on the Warriors, who bowed up and got back in the game after getting down by 22. Spurs 57, Warriors 54 at the half.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

The Warriors’ dreadful start is a distant memory. Golden State 84, San Antonio 77 entering the fourth quarter. Steph Curry scored 13 of his 27 in the third. His long 3 at the buzzer had the crowd gasping, but it didn’t go down.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

A 23-3 deficit on the second night of a road back-to-back against the team with the NBA’s second-best record didn’t faze the Warriors. Golden State’s 110-98 win is about as impressive as March victories get.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Steve Kerr on coming back from early 22-point deficit: “We felt confident. The NBA game is a long process, and you’ve got to stick with it. Obviously, we’ve got a lot of firepower.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Draymond Green: Even down 22, “I never felt like they were dominating us.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Draymond Green on message sent with comeback over Spurs: “Nothing, nothing. We just went up another game in the standings. That’s it.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Steph Curry says the Warriors play a finesse style, but “I’d definitely call us a tough team that knows how to win.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Tuesday, March 28 – Warriors at Rockets

Toyota Center (Houston)

As the doors open, a lot of fans wearing Warriors No. 30 jersey want to get a glimpse of Steph Curry’s warmup routine.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

The Steph Curry warmup show begins.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Off night for Steph Curry? Only 5-of-10 from the midcourt logo.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


He won’t threepeat as MVP, but Steph Curry still has the most intense fan following in the league.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Steph Curry’s warmup routine is such an event that even a Hall of Famer like Calvin Murphy makes a point to watch.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Kevin Durant is cutting hard, stopping quickly and elevating during his pregame workout.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Draymond Green on Kevin Durant: “I think he’s coming along amazing. I saw him working out earlier and I got excited.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

James Harden enters the Toyota Center spittin’ rap lyrics, as usual.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


How do you know this is James Harden’s house? The DJ switches to Harden’s personal playlist as he starts his warmup routine. First song: “Good Drake” by 2 Chainz. One lyric from that song: “Oh you in a slump, I’m headed to Oakland like Kevin Durant”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


If your team got eliminated in the first round last season, can you make fun of the Warriors’ Finals failure? Absolutely, according to Dora Rodriguez and her 14-year-old son Mason Garcia.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

It’s ridiculous for the Rockets to be a legitimate contender and there be so many empty seats with the Warriors in town. Houston has a crowd problem.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Even with the inexplicable empty seats, the crowd is electric at the Toyota Center after the Rockets’ invigorating performance in the second quarter. Houston trails the Warriors, 60-52, but sliced the lead by more than half after the first quarter. Rockets fans were especially energized by James Harden attacking Steph Curry off the dribble, a flashy display of aggressive ballhandling that resulted in a pair of free throws.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Talk about inflated stats if you want, but James Harden putting up a triple-double midway through the third quarter is pretty impressive. Add another log to his fire of MVP candidacy.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

No celebratory drum routine tonight, but the Red Rowdies’ spirit remains strong.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


No DNP-rest planned for this Warriors trip to San Antonio. Steve Kerr: “Guys are good to go, the schedule has been fine and we’ll go in there and see what we can do.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Draymond Green: “Just ice and treatment and I’ll be ready to go.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Draymond Green says Oakland fans should boycott the Raiders for the next three years. “No way I would pay to attend a game.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Tuesday, March 28 – Road Trip

Driving from San Antonio to Houston

Halfway through the Texas 4-Step, headed from San Antonio back to Houston, so figured we might as well stop to check out the giant stag made of scrap metal in Converse, Texas. They call the big guy, who stand tall in a subdivision, “King of the Parc.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

If you’re on a Texas road trip, you’ve gotta make a pit stop at a Buc-ee’s, a big, ol’ gas station and much more.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Got some good grub at Mikeska’s BBQ in Columbus, Texas with some furry friends.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Monday, March 27 – Cavaliers at Spurs

AT&T Center (San Antonio)

Welcome to the AT&T Center, home of the Spurs and the occasional bat or snake.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

LeBron James, sporting shades to perhaps protect his eyes from the Texas sun, arrives at the AT&T Center.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


LeBron James provides his own soundtrack as he starts his warmup routine.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


LeBron fans line the railings above the visitors’ tunnel as he warms up hoping to get a moment after he finishes.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

There are also a lot of LeBron haters in the building.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

The Baseline Bums have been tamed a bit since the Spurs’ ABA days. They used to sit above the visitors’ tunnel in old HemisFair Arena and once pelted then-Nuggets coach Larry Brown with avocados and guacamole on a 10-cent beer night soon after his declaration that guacamole was the only good thing in San Antonio. “Still rowdy, not as drunk,” one of the bums says.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Safe to assume Kawhi Leonard is done for the night with the Spurs nursing a 31-point lead with 10:32 to go. He got a standing ovation from much of the crowd when he checked out with 25 points, six rebounds, six assists and three steals.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Kid, maybe 9 or 10, shouts as LeBron James shoots free throws: “Your whole team stinks!” Accurate analysis of tonight’s Cavs performance.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

LeBron James was down on the floor for more than a minute after a delayed reaction to a David Lee elbow in his upper back. He slowly walked to the Cleveland bench after finally getting up.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

LeBron James says he will be ready to play in the Cavs’ next game after taking an elbow to the spine.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Ty Lue says it’s “crossed my mind” to sit Cavs Stars down the stretch to make sure they’re fresh for the playoffs. “I don’t know, I might get in trouble.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

All Ty Lue could do was laugh after that blowout loss.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Has it reached crisis mode for the Cavaliers? The defending champs will drop to 6-9 in March after the Spurs put the finishing touches on this dominant performance.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

LeBron James: “Right now, we’re just not playing good basketball. We’ll figure it out. I’m still confident in the bunch.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


LeBron James on the Cavaliers slipping to second in the East behind the Celtics: “How much does it matter to me? It matters more that we’re playing better basketball than where we’re at, and if that results in us getting the number one seed, getting the number two seed, three or whatever the hell it is, I want us to be playing better basketball. That’s what it comes down to. I’m not worried about anything. I feel like when we’re playing Cavaliers basketball, when we’re playing the type of basketball that we know we’re capable of playing, when we’re at full strength, we can start off on the road. We’ve done it before.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

On the bright side for this LeBron fan, at least his lady is happy.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

The Baseline Bums go home in a good mood.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Sunday, March 26 – Thunder at Rockets

Toyota Center (Houston)

Russell Westbrook struts into the Toyota Center sporting a bucket hat, shirt with “FEAR OF GOD” on the back and some Thunder-blue highwaters.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


James Harden as he walks in the Toyota Center: “I’m gonna tell ’em how it is.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Wyatt Anderson, 6, dad Chris and uncle Justin Glover drove down from Oklahoma City last night. The plan is to bring Wyatt to every NBA arena by the time he’s 21. They bought tickets to this game before the season.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

The MVP candidates looked the part during a spectacularly entertaining first quarter. James Harden’s nine points and two assists helped the Rockets take a 37-31 lead. Russell Westbrook (nine points, two rebounds, six assists) is keeping the Thunder in the game. Trevor Ariza, of all people, has a game-high 11 points.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Chopped brisket nachos at the Toyota Center. Poached egg, ghost pepper salsa, hold the sour cream. Need a fork for these nachos. Worth the $13.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

James Harden tore the roof off the Toyota Center by drilling a deeeeeep pull-up 3 at the buzzer to end the third quarter. The crowd went crazy as Harden popped his jersey in celebration. Down 25, the Thunder are on the wrong end of yet another nationally televised blowout, a disturbing trend for OKC with the playoffs around the corner.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

You can always count on a couple of extracurricular moments between Pat Beverley and Russell Westbrook. In this case, it was initiated by Westbrook, whose knocked Beverley to the floor while committing a frustrating foul and pretended Beverley didn’t exist as the feisty Rockets guard expressed his displeasure

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

Ho-hum, Russell Westbrook has another 30-point triple-double. A more relevant stat this afternoon: The Rockets have four 20-plus-point scorers.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

The fans who aren’t fleeing for the exits held their breath as James Harden stayed down on the floor for several seconds after his dagger drive. “MVP! MVP!” the fans chanted as Harden finally got on his feet.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer

James Harden is all smiles despite the black tape on his sore left wrist as he socializes on his way out of the Toyota Center.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


Rockets G Pat Beverley on the DNP-Rest trend: “I think that’s bulls—. I think that’s a disgrace to this league. I think that fans deserve better. I could care less about coaches ask players to rest or not. It’s up to you to play or not, and if you don’t you’re disrespecting the game. And I don’t believe in disrespecting the game, because there was a time where I wasn’t playing in the NBA and I was trying to get here. So me resting I feel like is disrespecting me, disrespecting the name on the front of the jersey and disrespecting the name on the back of the jersey.”

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


The Rockets’ Red Rowdies are rocking after Houston rolled over the Thunder.

Tim MacMahon, ESPN Staff Writer


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Former Piassa space becoming a Wine Bar, Maxwell Park, from Brent Kroll

Former Piassa space becoming a Wine Bar, Maxwell Park, from Brent Kroll

Back in January we learned that Piassa had closed, contributing to the 9th Street Massacre. The bleeding has officially stopped. Washingtonian reports:

“Kroll hopes to make his wine bar stand out from the pack with a rotation of offbeat themes. One month, half of the 5o wines by the glass (or half-glass) may all come from islands. Another month, he might feature wines from volcanic soil or “ABPG” (Anything But Pinot Grigio) indigenous white grapes from Italy.”

Earlier this week a reader snapped a photo and wrote:

“Sure looks like they’re building a bar of some sort in the old piassa space.”

Updates as he gets closer to opening.